Your Trusted Partner in Class Action Settlements

At Apex Class Action, we go beyond just managing funds and data. We offer end-to-end
solutions for complex class action settlements, ensuring compliance, financial integrity,
and robust cybersecurity to protect your sensitive information.

Our Services

Your One-Stop Solution for Class Action Administration – Apex delivers comprehensive legal administration services across the nation. Specializing in pre-settlement consultation, seamless settlement administration, and process optimization, we’re committed to elevating efficiency and streamlining operations for our clients.


From Class Certification and Belaire notices to FLSA, PAGA, and Class Action settlements, we ensure that every aspect of your administration process is handled seamlessly. Trust us to lay the groundwork for a smooth and legally sound settlement process.

Settlement Administration

From initial agreement analysis to final fund distribution, we offer a full suite of services that cover every facet of settlement administration. This includes legal notifications, translation services, dynamic website development, tax reporting, and dedicated customer support for class members, ensuring a meticulous and transparent process.


Embrace the future with our technology- driven approach. Utilizing cutting-edge AI software, we enhance efficiency, minimize human error, and offer interactive portals for real-time case visualization for both clients and class members.


Discover Apex Class Action—Your Technology- Driven Class Action Administrator. Backed by a team of experts in tax reporting, data management, and case management, we’re revolutionizing the administration process through digital innovation, stringent data security, and unwavering transparency. Committed to maintaining SOC 2 compliance, we offer a digitized, secure, and transparent platform for all your class action needs.

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